The Next Evolution In
Debt Counselling Software

Maximus was founded in 2007 by Debt Counsellors with a passion for assisting over-indebted consumers.

Maximus Software Solutions

Offers Debt Counselling solutions aligned with industry standards.

Process Compliant

Maximus is fully Compliant to ensure that the Debt Review process is completed in the correct sequence and on time.

Set Up For Success

Our product aligns your staff and your company’s structure with the Debt Review Process. Maximus is Ring-Fenced and offers controlled access to ensure and protect company confidentiality.

Maximus Support

Maximus provides unrivalled support to Debt Counsellors and their staff to get the best out of the system.

Request a Demonstration

Contact us for a free demonstration on how Maximus can improve your Debt Counselling practice.

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