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Maximus Debt Counselling

Our Software Offers

The latest innovative features for ease of use.

Maximus Secure Software

Will offer state of the art security for peace of mind.

Controlled Remote Access

VPN token controlled access to server in the data centre limited to designated support staff to perform support and administration functions.

Secure Access

Access to Maximus is via internet and secured SSL Certificate technology. Access to Maximus front-end is by username and unique alphanumeric passwords which is force changed every three months. User access controlled by a company loaded organogram only.

Controlled Environment

Development environment completely separate from live environment. Additional access to Maximus limited to be controlled by Maximus support staff to ensure confidentiality.

Backup System

Daily midnight backup to external tape drives, placed in a battle box and shipped to secure Metrofile offsite storage. Regular full system configuration backup for disaster recovery purposes.

Application Instance Server

Application instance server based on XIRIUZ framework and Java driver with HTML components.

Dedicated System Server

Dedicated system server hosted at Internet Solutions Data Centre.

IBM Range

Best of breed dedicated IBM midrange mainframe for back end coupled with state of the art IBM blade servers for web based delivery.

Maximus Runtime Requirements

Maximus requires Java enabled Browser on mid-level computer or tablet/phone with a minimum of Java version 7 to run.

Maximus Features

We offer you bespoke features for better usability.

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Contact us for a free demonstration on how Maximus can improve your Debt Counselling practice.

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